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I Must Say This to You

You know, one thing we all agree upon is that our help (whether big or small) is badly and badly needed by our young generations back home. Expressing this simple fact among ourselves through this forum again and again, I believe, is NOT what is important; but what is more important and highly needed is to set up a mechanism that facilitates the easiest and best method of bringing our individual help to a central pool that every one of us directly and discretely sends his giveaways to.

Let's be more practical! Every group of brothers & sisters in any city must contact each other and elect some one as their trusted cashier to collect their individual sadaqo. At the end of every month, let every one of such cashiers in every city tell us in this forum what they have collected. That way, we could compete on a good and tangible deed, than just sweet talk.

If we can't do this in a simple automatic way, then I don't know what else we could do.

Before READ/IQRA, there was no official channel back home that could reach our help to the right and needy people, but thanks to the few individuals who came up with the idea of establishing READ/IQRA ngo.

Now we know our helping hand is making a real difference. See it for yourself by visiting the Organization's official website ( ).

If we organize ourselves, sky is the limit as to what we could collectively do!!!!!!

Take care, friends of READ!
Omar Haji Farah


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