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READ Achievements with the help of DRC.




In coordination with DRC, READ realized the following developmental projects in certain districts:

   - 200 Lavatories  in several locations

   -  Two MCH Centers consisting of 7 wards located in Garbo-dadar and Geerisa .

   - 2 Markets in Lughaya city and garbo dadar.

   - 3 Schools: Fardo-xidh iyo Hadayte iyo Osoli.

   - Community center  in Garbo-dadar[xarunta  DRC].

   - 10 Shallow wells

   - Irrigation farms in 6 locations.

   - Water Supply installations for Lughaya , 18km from water rig to Lughaya.

   - Mini water systems : Gargaara and Garbo-dadar.

   - Farm input hand tools in 171 locations.

   - Water Pumps  supplied to  40 farms

   - Sanitation Training  [ 11 villages ]

   - Community Empowerment [6 locations]

   - Fishery and salt assistance (2 locations in Lughaya supplied with 70 hand tools [ice market]).

   - Revolving Funds [6 units each unit $3,000]= $18,000

In important to note here that most of the fund was given to women for the simple reason that men usually consume the money with kat-chewing; while mothers are the backbone of the family.

 As a result, this clearly raised the standard of living of the concerned families. Check out these Photos to see for yourself.

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