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Reiterating support for IQRA children

After carefully collecting and considering all available facts and issues related to the current situation of READ NGO (i.e. IQRA) of Awdal, Somaliland;

And after holding regular discussions and meetings in the past 4-6 weeks (last one held on Sunday 29th April 07) on matters at stake;

We; the undersigned members of the IQRA UK have hereby decided to continue supporting the original IQRA of Awdal Somaliland led by the officially elected Committee in 2003, with the conditions and recommendations given below.

We firmly reiterate our belief that IQRA is a voluntary non-governmental, non-political, non religious and non profit making organization. It should therefore be free from all political persuation whatsoever and we will not accept any political agendas to deflect ur effort and energy of our voluntary work. We have been doing this kind of work for so long; solely to cover at least a tiny percentage of the huge educational needs of our most disadvantaged, deprived and, neglected children & youths in the whole region of Awdal and Somaliland at large.

Hence, we have finally decided:


  1. There is only one IQRA that has been functioning practically and professionally in the past 6-7 yrs and that is the only IQRA that we are continuing supporting morally, physically and financially.
  2. To release our donations for the salary cost of IQRA teachers to the Management Committee of IQRA Awdal, As soon as possible.
  3. To recommend and expect from IQRA Awdal to produce regular Annual Account Reports, Monitoring and Evaluation of all services offered by them, in order to ensure the efficiency and smooth running of the organisation.
  4. To recommend, IQRA Awdal to hold general election as required by the bylaws as soon as it is becomes feasible. Regular members who are registered with IQRA shall take part in this general election to elect new Management Committee or to Re-elect the current Committee. All supporters, well wishers and members of IQRA should register first (if already not done so) before the general election takes place.

The honourable members of IQRA UK who have reached (in their presence) and those who supported (in their absence) this FINAL decision, are as follows:


  1. Mujaahid Maxamad Cusmaan Hufane (Chief Leader IQRA UK )
  2. Cabdi Maxamuud Ismaaciil (C/Weyne)
  3. Maxamad Cali Ducaale
  4. Axmad Xaaji Cali Bidaar
  5. Maxamad Sheekh Axmed (Jaabir)
  6. Xuseen Cusmaan Ducaale
  7. Ibraahim Daahir Cilmi
  8. Caydiid Xaaji Daahir Cilmi
  9. Yuusuf Suldaan Cali Cilmi
  10. Cabdiqani Suldaan Yuusuf suldaan Caateeye (HiilDan)
  11. Xuseen suldaan Yuusuf suldaan Caateeye
  12. Maxamad Yoonis suldaan Caateeye
  13. Xasan Yoonis suldaan Caateeye
  14. Siciid Aw Muuse Xuseen (Wacays)
  15. Ibraahim Muse Xuseen
  16. Cilmi Axmed Ciye (Montekarlo)
  17. Abiib Maxamuud Xasan
  18. Faarax Sh Xasan Badeed
  19. Cabdule Cali (Talyaani)
  20. Cumar Jaamac Axmed
  21. Cali Xasan xuseen sayid Dugsiiye
  22. Mukhtaar Colmadow
  23. C/Laahi Axmed Aare
  24. C/Samad Maxamuud Badmaax
  25. C/Raxmaan Ibraahim Shirwac
  26. Siyaad maxamad Cilmi (Baabiloo)
  27. C/Risaaq Cabdilaahi Cali (Baynuwaa)
  28. C/Raxmaan Muuse Xoosh
  29. Ismaaciil Cabdi Muumin
  30. Idiris Aadan Wacays
  31. Maxamd Barre Beerujiif
  32. Axmad Maxamad Xasan

And many more who offered their support for the good cause of IQRA……….

In conclusion:

With good faith and unity in the Name of the Allah Almighty, we can all make a difference. We can create healthy solidarity and community cohesion and will be able to ensure that our beloved children are never ever left in the dark. Their needs are our needs, their happiness is our happiness, and their dilemmas are our dilemmas. We are what they are and they are what we are. We are one big family, the IQRA FAMILY.

Our needs collectively are like an Ocean. Therefore, No single person/organisation alone can meet all our needs but every body and every group has something quite unique to offer to narrow the widening gaps in this ocean of life. So why NOT each one of us do something unique and dynamic, something different and delightful, whilst keeping intact and making use of what is already available?. In other words; enhance, promote and use by all means those services that already exist and add new once whenever and wherever there is need without duplicating and/or destroying one service or the other. And, that is what community development should be all about: development but not duplication; dedication but not destruction; dducation but not eradication.

For Goodness sake, let us strive to support our Children in need, and let us all together proudly say: IQRA, IQRA IQRA (Annaa iyo IQRA !). And let us keep the smile on IQRA Children's faces.

"Aqoon La'aani waa Iftiin la'aane,
Waa Oommanaan iyo Abaare
Waa Aqal iyo Ilays La’aane
Ogaada Ogaada walaalayaal Ogaada
Oo Aada Oo Aada Dugsiyada oo Aada"-- (C/laahi Qarshi)


Abdiqani Ateyeh (IQRA UK Coordinator)
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